Public Documents

Public Documents

Click here for the Board resolution respecting the removal of water rights from within within the Arch Hurley Conservancy District.

Click here for the Board resolution establishing a policy relating to the reimbursement of “Reclamation Reform Act monetary penalties”.

Click here for the Pesticide Applicators Workshops informational letter.

Click here for the Pesticide Applicators Workshops brochure and schedule.

Click here for the Pesticide Applicators Workshop registration form.

Click here for the updated Mission and Goals Document. The District would like input from water right holders.

The Board of Directors approved the attached goal-based strategic plan for all of the Arch Hurley land owners to give input into their ideas for some short term and long term goals for the district. Click here for the document, print it out and write down your ideas and return to Arch Hurley before the August meeting. This is a great chance for the Board and management of the District to get the water right holders input in long range planning. Thanks for your help.

Available to the public is the answers the attorney wrote back to the district manager concerning the steps needed for the District to maintain the integrity of and the protection of the District’s license. Click here for the document.

There was a request for information about the Springer and Maxwell irrigation districts in Colfax County. Click here for a document that gives details on all irrigation in Colfax County.